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Patch Cables / Patch Cords, Cat-5, Cat5e, Cat-6 & Cat 7
Ethernet Cables for High Speed Networks

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DS3 Patch Cables / Patch Cords

Our DS3 Telecom Patch Cables are used in connecting equipment for testing, signal patching, monitoring, and trouble-shooting within the Central Office. These coaxial cables are also popular in broadcast studio applications.

These advanced BNC cables are manufactured with true 75-ohm connectors, minimizing potential signal attenuation from mismatched impedance. They can be manufactured with a high-flex silicone jacket in multiple colors for easy identification of transmit/receive signals. Furthermore they can be manufactured with pin tip tracers that enable LED illumination on DSX patch bays for cable routing identification.

T1/DS1 Patch Cords, E1 Patch Cords and Cables, DS1 twisted pair cables and adapters,

     RJ45 - RJ45 T1/DS1 Crossover or Straight, Individual Shielded Pairs
     RJ45 – DB15 T1/DS1 Crossover or Straight, Individual Shielded Pairs
     DB15 – DB15 T1/DS1 Crossover or Straight Individual Shielded Pairs
     DS1 Telco64 Cable, 24 AWG Solid, Female / Blunt
     DS1 Telco64 Cable, 24 AWG Solid, Female / Female
     DS1 Telco64 Cable, 24 AWG Solid, Male / Blunt
     DS1 Telco64 Cable, 24 AWG Solid, Male / Female
     DS1 Telco64 Cable, 24 AWG Solid, Male / Male

Category 6 Patch cords, Cat 6 Patch cables

Our precision designed Category 6 patch cords provide the high speed you require for your installation . They minimize near-end crosstalk and are backward compatible with slower protocols. Each patch cord is created with a slender, snagless boot to provide easy access in high-density installations. These patch cords are perfect for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and other speed-critical applications. All patch cords are individually tested for peak performance and are available in various lengths and colors.

Our Category 6 cables are manufactured to the strictest performance requirements as specified in TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 using the highest level connector design and cable construction.

Cat 6 Connector Compatibility

    Q. Can a Cat 6 modular plug be plugged into Cat 5 and 5e RJ-45 Jacks?

    A. Yes. The physical dimensions of Cat 6 RJ-45 plugs and jacks are identical to Cat 5 and 5e plugs and jacks. They are backward compatible with Cat 3, Cat 5, and Cat 5e plugs and jacks.

Differences Between the 1000BASE-T and the 1000BASE-TX Standards

    Q. What is the main difference between the IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T and the ANSI/TIA 854 1000BASE-TX Gigabit Ethernet standards?

    A. Cat 5e cabling can be used with the 1000BASE-T standard. 1000BASE-TX requires Cat 6 cabling. The 1000BASE-TX standard can also be implemented with simpler electronics.

Category 7 Patch cords, Cat 7 Patch cables

What is the difference between CAT-5, CAT-5e, CAT-6, CAT-7...

The Simple Answer:

     CAT-5 is rated to 100M
     CAT-5e is rated to 350M
     CAT-6 and CAT6e is rated to 550M or 1000M depending on your source
     CAT-7 is supposedly rated to 700M or presumably 1000M


We assemble our patch cords using enhanced performance plugs and premium high-speed bulk cable tested to Giga Speeds.


    For additional strain relief or color coding, you can choose your style of 'boots' as add on options for your patch cords.


    These convenient snap on boots can be added to the RJ45 after the cables are built and will not slip off the plug. The boots provide strain relief, color coding and are also snagless.




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